Gallo Acoustics A'Diva 5.1 System


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  • $1,729.00

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Our compact 5.1 system grows up!

Our A’Diva 5.1 home theater system is the perfect setup for anyonewho wishes to fill a larger room with that deep, rich Gallo sound. At 5”,these are our largest satellite speakers, and produce a full sound manytimes greater than their size (or price) indicates. In fact, you simplycannot get better 5.1 sound for under $2k, so if that’s your budget,then this is definitely your system (note – mounting hardware isincluded!)

Ok, you want a compact speaker home theater system, but you’d like to go a little bigger than our Nucleus Micro speakers. No problem – this A’Diva 5.1 Home Theater System is exactly what you are looking for. 

Featuring five of our patented-technology A’Diva 5” speakers, along with a rumbling TR-1D subwoofer, this system packs a serious punch and is ideal for almost any listening environment. In fact, these speakers will make you feel like the band is playing right there in your home, regardless of volume level. The full, crisp notes will reverberate in your ears, while the sound truly engulfs you, no matter where in the room you are positioned. But these are still “smaller” speakers, and thus ideal for blending in and complementing your décor. With a variety of mounting options included in the package (table, wall, and junction mount), this will fit any room, and give your music that WOW factor you’ve been missing.