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According to our most recent market research, when consumers are shopping for a stereo or home theater system, size price and performance respectively, are their primary considerations. Performance has always been Anthony Gallo Acoustics first priority and we insist that no speaker is complete until it categorically bests our previous efforts. They say necessity is the mother of invention and Anthony Gallo Acoustics latest offering is the perfect example.

Extensive psychoacoustic research led us to the development of our Optimized Pulse Technology (OPT™) System, which transcends the current boundaries of loudspeaker performance and invokes the same visceral impact we experience at live sound venues. In addition, the implementation of the OPT ™ System required us to re-engineer our critically acclaimed Cylindrical Diaphragm Transducer (CDT™) and hence, the CDT™ 3 tweeter was born.

Do you remember the last time you heard music passing through a wall? You knew whether it was live or just someone blasting their entertainment system. Enhanced with the OPT™ System, the Strada blurs that line. Whether resting on a shelf or directly on a wall surrounding your Plasma/LCD display, the Strada will redefine both visually and audibly the term: Home Entertainment. If music playback is more important, then the Strada is the perfect playmate. Even placed right up against the wall, they produce the most expansive and full-bodied soundstage imaginable, without the necessity of a subwoofer. And if your space is limited but you just can't compromise your sound, a pair of Stradas set up in an intimate near field pattern will deliver absolutely state-of-the-art reproduction in an area as small as a desktop. The chameleon-like Strada was designed to shine in environments where traditional loudspeakers fail. Unlike many other speaker systems, you'll enjoy your Stradas time after time. Isn't that what it's all about?

The recent technological advances discovered while developing the Strada may just alter the future of audio. We know that it's already redefining ours. Contact your local authorized Anthony Gallo Dealer and take the Strada for a test drive. You won't be disappointed.


Reference Strada Specifications

45Hz - 20kHz +/- 3dB with boundary reinforcement (speakers within 1 foot of wall)

8 ohms nominal

87 dB/1 watt/1 meter

150 watts RMS unclipped music power. Minimum suggested power 10 Watts RMS

Patented CDT™III (Cylindrical Diaphragm Transducer) sporting 180° horizontal dispersion from 3Khz to above 20Khz
Two-four inch dynamic hyperbolic carbon fiber drivers optimized to integrate seamlessly with the CDT tweeter without the need for a cross-over.

Sealed with Auxiliary Bass Cavity Supplementation and Patented S2 loading

5.0" W, 13.5" H, 7.5" D

11.4lbs each

5 way Gold plated binding posts developed specifically for Anthony Gallo Acoustics

Powder coated Cast Aluminum chassis with Brushed Stainless Steel Spheres and powder coated Stainless Steel Grills

Brushed Stainless Steel spheres with a black frame or an all black finish

1 year parts and labor
5 years if product is registered within 60 days of purchase and with all documentation*