HiFiMAN Balanced Amplifier Card


  • Brand: HiFiMAN
  • Product Code: Balanced Amplifier Card

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Balanced Amplifier Card

It Makes the for HM901s/901/650/802 Great for Users Who Might Like to Experiment with Powerful Amp Module.

The Balanced Amplifier Module was designed with some of the most expensive and high quality parts on the market today. It uses (4) OPA627 OP-AMPS and (4) OPA634 buffers. By using these high quality chips, the listening experience produced by the  for HM901s/901/650/802 is second to none. 

This design will work in balanced mode for earphones/headphones with a 3.5mm TRRS or in standard mode for earphones/headphones with a 3.5mm standard jack. This powerful amplifier module will drive some of the most demanding headphones on the market.

Power supply voltage:±8.2v 
Power supply current:±20ma

Maximum balanced output (30R load)    
Low Gain                   High Gain
2.32v(179mw)        3.91v(477mw)
S/N: 112+/-1dB
Frequency response:    20hz-20Khz(-1dB) 

Maximum Normal output (30R load)
Low Gain                             High Gain
1.45v(70mw)                       2.5v(200mw)
S/N:  109+/-3dB
Frequency response:    20hz-20Khz(-1dB)
Output impedance:  1 Ohm