Legacy Audio Xtreme XD Subwoofer (Premium Finishes)


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The Xtreme XD has the power and speed to keep up with Whisper. Dynamic braking, a Rohacell/Silver/Graphite cone and additional ICEpower® amplification make this unit absolutely world class. Bass with BOUNCE, not boom.

Our subwoofers are not just gorgeous pieces of furniture, but have the guts and internal volume to get the job done efficiently. The 15” Silver Graphite cone is bonded to an ultra-stiff Rohacell layer and driven by a massive 35 lb. magnet structure. A high speed rubber suspension is incorporated with a high temperature 3” voice-coil. The voicecoil lead wires are initially braided, then woven into the spider to prevent fatigue from heavy use.

The front mounted preamp control panel allows continuous adjustment of level, crossover frequency, and phase. A special blend EQ control assures perfect integration with your speaker system. The internal amplifier modules are the renowned ICEpower® design. These extremely reliable, wideband units are of the same type used in our flagship HELIX speaker system.

The 1000 watt Xtreme XD also incorporates a dynamic braking coil which utilizes driver back EMF to counter overshoot as the driver reverses direction or comes to a halt.

Using two or more carefully positioned and phased subwoofers can further reduce distortion, minimize response variation due to room modes and enhance transient response. See white papers on our website regarding this topic.

System Type:

Subwoofer mass loaded, pneumatically coupled


15" Silver/Graphite, Rohacell diaphragm, dynamic braking


15" mass loaded downfiring

Low Frequency Alignment:

6th Order/Back EMF canceling circuit

Internal Amplification:

1000 Watt, ICEpower®

Freq. Resp. (Hz, +/- 2dB):

16- 100



Phase adjustment:

Cont. +/-180

Blend EQ:

+/- 12 dB @45Hz

Max. SPL:

122dB @1m

Low Pass Filter Slope:

18 dB per octave




LFE, L/R RCA, balanced

Dimensions HxWxD (Inches):

27.375 x 18.25 x 18.25


98 lbs

Shipping Weight:

177 lbs