Stasis Groove Cleaner Wet/Dry Record Cleaning Brush


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Stasis Groove Cleaner Brush

The typical LP carries grooves that are about half a mile long. Imagine the damage being done to your vinyl record and stylus needle, if small amounts of dirt gets dragged and scraped over half a mile of grooves. Vinyl records need to be cleaned carefully. Pristine records not only sound better, they also last longer and reduce stylus wear.

Wet Cleaning Comes First!

It goes without saying that pre-owned vinyls require thorough wet cleaning before being played. However, many people don’t realize that brand new vinyls also need a thorough wet cleaning before playing. This is because they come coated with grease and release agents from the manufacturing process.

Wet cleaning gives 3 main benefits:

  • Wet cleaning gets deep inside the grooves of a vinyl record to remove compacted and stubborn dirt and grime.
  • Wet cleaning washes away grease and oils that dirt and dust love to stick to.
  • Wet cleaning removes static charge. A record that is charged with static will attract dust particles in the immediate vicinity.

Hear The Difference!

Specifically designed for wet scrubbing – An indispensable tool that bridges the gap between carbon fiber dry brushes and record cleaning machines (RCMs).

Cleans where it really matters – Ultra-fine (10 micron) bristles specifically designed to fit inside record grooves.

Stands up to repeated use – Chemically inert nylon bristles safe for use with all cleaning fluids.

Awesome cleaning power – High-density bristle clusters & high bristle count scrubs record grooves with authority and power.