Tellurium Q Black Speaker Cables, 3 meter length (1 pair)


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  • $495.00

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The Tellurium Black is as anonymous as we could want, signals appear to breeze through it with no suspicion of resistance or evidence of artificial enhancement, music just happens.

With pre-terminated low mass beryllium copper z plugs (banana plugs)

Sold in pairs

Tellurium Black was our first cable and we knew we were on to something special when we took the prototypes to various dealers for their comments and input. One in particular would not believe that it could match his somewhat thicker more expensive cable that was in his demonstration system.


We sat down and listened to some of his familiar music tracks. Then we swapped the cable for Tellurium Black. He sat forward, looked at us and quite seriously asked what else we had done to his system while we were changing the cables over. It was only when he swapped the cables himself a couple of times did he believe the evidence of his ears. He also stocked the Tellurium Black.


It is thin and it is small. By conventional thought it should not be able to do what it does and as well as it does it. That is why we have applied for a patent for one of the aspects that allows these cables to perform so well.