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preDAC Preamplifier + DAC and GaN400

• Based on the preamplifier section of the nova500 
• Key Upgrades
• World-class ESS PRO DAC
• Balanced XLR outputs 

The Peachtree Audio preDAC is a preamplifier + DAC based on the incredible nova500 integrated amplifier. The preDAC is, in essence, a nova500 with the amplifier section removed - but with key upgrades. Like the nova500, the preDAC is a differential (aka balanced) audio design that provides exceptional immunity from noise/interference and keeps the audio signal as far above the noise floor as possible. The preDAC features a dedicated power supply, superior signal-to-noise ratio, balanced XLR outputs (in addition to single-ended RCA) and even better headphone amp performance.

The preDAC provides the same input flexibility as our nova integrateds:

  • USB-B for a computer
  • USB-A for an iOS device
  • coaxial digital
  • 2 optical digital
  • 2 configurable analog inputs including MM phono
  • Home Theater Bypass
  • LOOP feature to insert equalization, room correction, or other signal processing into the signal chain

We can’t think of a better partner for the preDAC than the Peachtree amp500 - but perhaps you have a class-A or tube power amplifier that you love, but want a contemporary front-end to pair with it. We have the solution! Insert the preDAC into the system and add all the input capability and sound quality that the balanced preamplifier section and world-class ESS PRO DAC provide. Want to bi-amplify your state-of-the-art loudspeakers? Send the preDAC's output to two amp500s and experience the enveloping sound and effortless power your speakers are capable of - all at a modest investment by esoteric audio standards!

The Mission

The preDAC is a simple, yet flexible, component that integrates a wide range of audio input sources including: a personal computer, an Apple iOS device, a Bluesound NODE 2i streamer, a turntable along with other analog and digital audio devices you may already have or plan to acquire. The preDAC is designed to pair up with the incredible Peachtree Audio amp500 or other dedicated power amplifier of your choosing to complement your speakers. The preDAC is built around a reference quality 8-channel ESS 9000 Series Sabre Pro DAC chip running in stereo mode to provide signal-to-noise ratio and dynamic range befitting a reference quality product. It is simply one of the best DACs we have ever heard in addition to providing some of the best audio measurements we have ever seen! And just as importantly, the preDAC features fully balanced internal circuitry throughout to minimize noise and interference and allow the remarkable resolution of the DAC to be fully preserved all the way through the output. The sheer musicality of the preDAC and the lack of background noise is simply the best we have ever made and compares favorably to products costing many times more!

The DAC and Its Surroundings

The preDAC utilizes a DAC chip that was designed to convert 8 channels of audio, but we use it in a special stereo mode where 4 of the DACs are assigned to the left channel and the other 4 DACs are assigned to the right channel. By quadrupling the DACs used for each channel the overall performance of the audio signal achieves remarkable heights in measured performance and, more importantly, in listening tests. The DAC is also capable of converting all of the major file formats currently available including: PCM digital audio signals up to 32-bit/384kHz, DSD audio signals up to 5.6MHz (aka double DSD), compressed audio, uncompressed audio, high-resolution audio and ultra-high resolution audio. Built around the DAC chip is an extensive, multi-point, regulated power supply that keeps it operating optimally and faithfully to the input signal, providing a transparent window into the source material. The combination of DAC and balanced circuitry allows the music to come through with an unprecedented level of clarity and freedom from noise.

Features and Flexibility

The preDAC has very flexible input and output configuration capabilities. It accepts input from a computer, iOS devices, other digital audio devices, analog audio devices and even has a built-in Moving Magnet (MM) phono preamplifier for directly connecting a turntable. The two analog inputs are user-configurable as: 2 standard line-level analog inputs, a Home Theater Bypass (HTB) input + an analog input, an analog input + a phono input, or a HTB input + a phono input. Your system, your choice! The digital inputs include a user selectable feature called volume control bypass that allows system volume to be controlled directly from the source device bypassing the volume control inside the preDAC. This is especially useful if you enjoy using an application on your computer or mobile device to select your music AND to control the volume. A fully balanced output is provided to drive the amp500 or power amplifier of your choosing. There is also an unbalanced PRE output which can be used to drive a powered subwoofer. There is a clever LOOP feature that allows an external room EQ, audio processor, tube buffer or recorder to be easily integrated with the preDAC and switched in and out of the signal path by simply pressing the LOOP button on the front panel or remote control!

Headphone Performance

The headphone amplifier in the preDAC was specifically designed for premium quality headphones. It is a fully-discrete power amplifier circuit that easily drives the majority of headphones including very high-impedance designs. Like the rest of the preDAC it is designed for musicality and an ultra-low noise floor. When compared to dedicated headphone amplifiers, the preDAC’s built-in headphone amplifier represents an amazing value!

Form Follows Function

All Peachtree Audio products share a form follows function design philosophy with an emphasis on ease of use and sound quality. The entire user interface is built around the idea of pressing a button to determine what you are listening to and turning a knob to determine how loud you are listening to it. That's it! No screens, menus or other overly complex interfaces that often add more frustration than utility. Inside, the preDAC is designed to provide the purest signal path between the input and the output. Analog inputs remain in the analog domain all the way through to ensure that the original source material is preserved throughout. All of the digital inputs are converted internally utilizing an ultra-premium quality 8-channel DAC so that they benefit from the best conversion available today! All of the circuits are completely balanced and free from noise. The difficult to achieve combination of sheer musicality with an ultra-quiet background allows for a much stronger bond between the listener and the recording. It is as though the gear has disappeared and all that is left is the music - and you.

GaN400 Power Amplifier

GaNFET Technology

• 400 watts per channel 
• Drives any speaker 
• Fully balanced topology 
• Balanced and unbalanced inputs

"In short, GaN transistors represent a major leap forward for Class-D amplifier sonic performance. Human voices sound like human voices. Guitars and pianos sound like guitars and pianos."

Technology advances the state-of-the-art in the GaN400

The Peachtree GaN400 represents a next step in the evolution of power amplifier design and manufacturing. It has exceptionally accurate waveform reproduction, amazing power and control, low global negative feedback and extremely efficient use of AC power. It provides the highest level of musicality without sacrificing the remarkable efficiency of a class-D design, and is proudly assembled in the USA. The GaN400 is simply the best sounding power amplifier we have ever made and compares favorably to the world's best power amplifiers regardless of their topology.

  • State-of-the-art GaNFETs (Gallium Nitride Field-Effect Transistors)
  • 400 watts per channel
  • Musical. Powerful.
  • Drive ANY speaker with ease and headroom to spare
  • Compatible with speakers from 2.5Ω to 16Ω nominal impedance
  • Balanced and unbalanced inputs with differential audio circuits
  • Aluminum front panel and chassis wrapped in a real wood cabinet finished in stunning Gloss Ebony Mocha or beautiful Piano Black
  • Limited Edition Ash finish available

The GaN400 is a “class-D” stereo power amplifier that utilizes GaNFETs (Gallium Nitride Field-Effect Transistors), an 850-watt RMS regulated power supply, a fully balanced topology and a low global negative feedback design to achieve an astounding 400 watts-per-channel while achieving sound quality that is remarkably faithful to the input signal. It has balanced and unbalanced audio inputs, a trigger input, and is compatible with speakers that have nominal impedances from 2.5Ω to 16Ω. The GaN400 drives virtually any speakers, including low sensitivity (“less efficient”) speakers with the utmost ease and authority, while delivering a level of musicality and transparency that is extremely rare, especially in high output power amplifiers.

What is GaN?

The GaN400 achieves new levels of performance and efficiency by utilizing GaNFETs instead of MOSFETs (Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors) that have been the industry standard for more than 50 years. MOSFETs revolutionized the electronics industry in the second half of the 20th century and have become the most common transistor in electronics and the most widely used semiconductor device in the world! Their significance in the electronics industry and the other industries that rely on them can’t be understated. However, over the years, the rate of MOSFET improvements leveled off as the performance got closer and closer to the theoretical limits of the materials and processes. The need for something better grew. Enter GaN.

GaNFETs started to gain attention over the last decade as audio engineers and designers realized that they were suitable for high frequency, high voltage, high temperature and high efficiency applications especially when compared to their MOSFET counterparts. GaNFETs turned-on ~4 times faster and turned-off ~2 times faster reducing switching distortion (ringing) by several orders of magnitude. This, in-turn, allowed designers to use much less global negative feedback to achieve excellent measured results. The result is an amplifier with exceptional musicality and excellent measured performance. In other words, an amplifier that provides wonderfully natural sounding music reproduction like the best tube amplifiers, yet retains the tight bass, extended frequency response and sheer dynamics of the best solid- state amplifiers. It really is the best of both worlds and all of this is accomplished in an amplifier that is also one of the most efficient designs in the market today converting ~96% of the electricity from the wall into usable power.

The Importance of the Power Supply

Every power amplifier is dependent on its power supply to provide the power reserves necessary to drive the loudspeakers at any volume level. The GaN400 is no different and it utilizes an impressive 850-watt RMS regulated power supply. This supplies the output modules with all the clean power they will ever need - even when things get really loud. The power supply uses the best parts available to ensure high performance, durability and long-term reliability.

Connectivity and Convenience

Balanced and unbalanced inputs assure you of maximum low-noise performance and compatibility with any preamp. The GaN400's 100K input impedance means you can use the preamplifier of your choice - regardless of its technology - with assurance that it will not be compromised. The GaN400's remote trigger lets you conveniently power the amplifier on and off with one command.


You'll never have to worry about the GaN400 matching up with your speakers! It has the power to recreate the dynamics of any recording with virtually any loudspeaker made. Nominal load impedances from 2.5-16 ohms are handled easily. Sit back, let the GaN400 power your speakers and ENJOY THE MUSIC!

GaN400 specifications