BRYSTON AC-1 Mini 3-way 4-alloy-drivers 250-watt center speaker


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BRYSTON AC-1 Mini 3-way 4-alloy-drivers 250-watt center speaker


Dynamic Three-Way Center Channel Speaker
The Bryston Model AC-1 Mini Center Loudspeaker showcases the same design principles as the larger Model TC-1 Center, while leveraging a more compact, décor-friendly, form factor by including a new premium quality 6.5" woofer to replace the 8" woofers found in the Model TC-1 Center design.
Built to be exceptionally high quality and affordable, the Mini A boasts new driver designs, enclosure vibration analysis, crossover refinement, and anechoic chamber testing. All of this went into creating an amazing product which brings superior design to the table.
Superior Suspended Disbelief
A state-of-the-art audio system involves what some refer to as a 'suspension of disbelief.' This means the playback system transcends the recorded medium and transports you to a live venue. You forget it’s a recording and believe you are there at the live performance. Bryston's goal with the AC-1 loudspeaker is to provide its customers with a superior level of 'suspended disbelief.'
Superb Center Channel Performance
The first step in transforming your two-channel stereo into a home theater is adding a center channel. Timbre matched and developed using the same materials and techniques in the same anechoic chamber, the dialog and all other center channel content will blend seamlessly with your Bryston A-Series front and surround loudspeakers.
The AC-1 is dynamic enough to keep pace with today’s feature films, yet more than detailed enough to carry all the emotion found in the classics filmed during the golden age of cinema.
Robust Enclosure
Three-quarter-inch thick MDF is wrapped around a strong skeleton of internal bracing which is strategically designed so that no cabinet resonances discolor the pure and detailed sound radiating from the drivers.
  • High levels of SPL without distortion or compression
  • Unit to Unit matching
  • Tweeter: Single 1" titanium dome tweeter
  • Midrange: Single 5.25" aluminum cone
  • Woofer: Dual 6.5" aluminum cone
  • Crossover: 3 Way
  • Custom designed drivers with die-cast aluminum baskets, substantial magnet assemblies, and custom motor systems
  • Wide dispersion design
  • Engineered to prevent cabinet resonances
  • Décor-friendly form factor
  • Frequency Response: 45Hz to 20Khz (+/- 3dB)
  • Impedance: 6 Ohms (nominal)
  • Sensitivity: 86 dB (2.38V, 1m, anechoic)
  • Recommended Power: 10 watts to 250 watts RMS
  • Max SPL @ 1M: 111dB
  • Dimensions: 11.5" high x 30" wide x 13.9" deep
  • Weight: 48 lb