DENON DL-103R 6N-copper Low-Output MC Moving-coil Phono Cartridge


  • Brand: Denon
  • Product Code: DL-103R

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DENON DL-103R 6N-copper Low-Output MC Moving-coil Phono Cartridg

The DL-103R is an updated version of the classic DL-103.  It provides improved sound by using 6N copper coils wound with precision to the cantilever shaft.  Audio lovers will delight with detail that is brought out by this outstanding phono cartridge.
Stylus Replacement
The DL-103R is a fixed stylus type and so when the stylus requires replacement (due to wear or for some other reason), the whole cartridge is replaced.
Principle                         Moving coil (MC) type
Output Voltage               0.25 mV
      (1 kHz, 50 mm/s horizontal direction)
Channel Balance         1 dB max. (1 kHz)
Channel Separation    25 dB min. (1 kHz) Electrical Impedance 14 ohms ±20%
Compliance                   5 x 10-3 m/N
      (Using a 100 Hz record)
Stylus                               0.2 mm square
       solid diamond
Tracking Force               25 mN ±3 mN
       (2.5 g ±0.3 g)
Frequency Response   20 Hz to 45 kHz
Mass                                 8.5 g
Load Impedance            100 ohms min.
        (40 ohms when using a transformer)