RETHM BHAAVA tri-driver Speakers with Class-AB amplified sub/bass


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RETHM BHAAVA tri-driver Speakers with Class-AB amplified sub/bass


BHAAVA      Rethm's Entry Level Floorstanding Speaker
From Sanskrit : emotion; feeling. And that is exactly what Rethms entry level speaker is all about -- connecting listening to music at the emotional level. It is designed around an 8 inch ferro – magnet paper cone wideband driver built in-house. This driver is augmented by a built in powered bass module in each enclosure that take the speakers all the way down to 28 hz with powerful and musical bass.
The Bhaava's are more forgiving of front end equipment than the premium Rethm models. The salient distinguishing character that is common to all Rethm Loudspeakers ... is its ability to reproduce all the nuance of music with detail, dynamics, transparency – with ZERO listener fatigue.
Absolutely Stunning Value !!
As with the other speakers of the of our line, for the Bhaava we still use a widebander plus a powered bass with level control.
Our new Bhaava is immensely musical whilst not having the ultimate resolution of our higher-up models.
Here are the essentials on the Rethm Bhaava:
  • BO/ Phillips  8" full-range paper driver in a horn-loaded enclosure
  • 2 isobarically configured 7" custom woofers in a sealed chamber 
  • Custom bass amplifier module with level control in each enclosure
  • 94dB system sensitivity
  • 8 ohm nominal impedance
  • Dimensions : 97 x 24 x 52 cm  -- 39" x 9.5" x 20"  (HxWxD) 
  • Weight : 30kg/ea.  (66 lbs/ea.)
  • Serviceability : We now have also perfected a modular bass electronics system so that if ever there was an electronics failure, we'd simply ship out an entire module to the customer who can swap out the unit very easily, making service a virtual non-issue. 
  • Active Bass Amplification : Where our Trishna, Maarga and Saadhana use Hypex class D amps with our custom-made active adjustable filters, the Bhava runs our own class AB amp with a fixed filter using a single coil and a few caps. 
The Bhaava rectangulates the curves and complex intersections of Rethm's costlier models. That means more cost-effective manufacture. Even so, it retains Rethm's trademark downfiring flared horn mouth. It relocates terminals and attenuator to the rear where they're not seen in normal use. 
What's more is that is a stunner as far as modern design goes, and should appeal to those seeking integration into contemporary decor environments.