M2Tech Palmer Power Station Battery Operated Power Supply


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  • Product Code: Palmer

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Very low noise battery operated power supply


High capacity, high surge current Li-Po battery, dedicated fast charge battery charger optimized for battery duration, very low noise 15V post-regulator, auxiliary pre-regulator to ensure continuous operation during battery charge, universal voltage input. 


Palmer Power Station is a high performance power supply for Young and other 15V-operated equipment. With 1A peak current delivery, Palmer allows for great flexibility. The supply is based on a high quality, high capacity, high surge current Li-Po battery, capable of more than 3 hours operation @ 1A load. The battery is charged via a dedicated battery charger which is optimized to give fast charge while providing the longest battery life. A very low noise, low dropout post-regulator further reduces the already low battery noise and sets the output voltage to 15V. To ensure continuous operation while the battery is charging, a pre-regulator feeds the post regulator during charge. Output can be disabled when not necessary to avoid depleting the battery uselessly, while charge can be disabled when desired, to obtain the best performance during the listening session. An universal AC input and two outputs allow for great flexibility. Palmer Power Station may be used to supply any 15V equipment with less than 1A current draw. 500 charge cycles min. and 3400mAh capacity allow for around 9 hours battery operation when supplying a Young 384/32 DAC, that is more than 10 years operation when listening to the Young 2 hours every day before the battery needs replacement. 

Size: 200(w) x 50(h) x200(d) mm
Weight: 2kg (approx.)
Output voltage: 15VDC
Output current: 1A peak
Output noise: <15uV (20kHz bandwidth) equal to 100nV/sqrt(Hz)
Charge time: 3.5 hours +/-0.5 hour
Capacity: 3.4Ah
Input voltage: 90-264VAC, 50-60Hz, 100-370VDC
Input current: 2A (full load and battery charging, 115VAC), 1A (full load and battery charging, 230VAC)