RTI VPS-1 Voltage Power Sensor


  • Brand: RTI
  • Product Code: VPS-1

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The VPS-1 Voltage Power Sensor monitors the on and off status of almost any electronic component. It is used to provide power status information to RTI Remote Control Processors or Port Control Module. When the attached component is powered on, the VPS-1 detects the voltage supplied from the component, an attached power supply, or a third-party power sensor, and sends a signal to the System Interface Module.

  • Connects to the MPIO (Multi-Purpose I/O) ports of an RTI control processor or expansion modules (ie. PCM-4 Port Control Module)
  • Detects the on/off status of almost any component
  • No power supply required - Power is supplied by the output ports
  • Power sensing circuit is housed in a compact, rugged ABS enclosure
  • LED light indicates the current power status
  • Control cable can be extended up to 500 feet


Compatible with industry standard IR emitters (Xantech®or compatible)

IR Output Drive

100mA maximum

Input Requirements

3V to 24V DC -or-
9V to 30V P-P AC (50Hz min)

Maximum Current Consumption


Control Cable Length

12 feet (3.7 m)

Voltage Sensor Cable Length

3 feet (.9 m)

Dimensions (W x H x D)

1.75" (44mm) x 3.0" (76mm) x 0.7" (18mm)


One Year (Parts & Labor)