Stasis Groove Cleaner Wet/Dry Record Cleaning Brush


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Stasis Groove Cleaner Brush

With time and use, vinyl records will get dirty. Fingerprints, fine bits of dust, grit, and other airborne pollutants land on the playing surface and work their way into the grooves. This is the source of pops and squeaks that you hear when playing a dirty LP.

Periodic deep cleaning of your records will ensure the best possible sound, save wear and tear on your albums and stylus and make for a more enjoyable listening experience.

Introducing the Stasis Groove Cleaner! A brush specifically designed for effective vinyl wet scrubbing.

Hear the Difference!

Ultra-fine (50 micron) bristles specifically designed to fit inside record grooves. Cleans where it really matters!

Chemically inert nylon bristles are safe for use with all cleaning fluids. Suitable for wet or dry use.

High-density bristle clusters & high bristle count (260,000 bristles per brush!) for awesome scrubbing power.