Rega RS3 Compact Floorstanding Loudspeaker (Priced Individually)


  • Brand: Rega
  • Product Code: RS3

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The RS3 is our entry level floor standing loudspeaker model. However there is nothing entry level about its performance. 70mm taller than its predecessor it now has improved bass response and makes great use of our new ZRR tweeter technology.
The RS3 is an exceptionally technical loudspeaker using a three driver system. It offers extraordinary accurate low frequency and a very even mid with extended high quality treble performance. These attributes set the RS3 apart from the competition, producing an extremely versatile, dynamic and musical sound.

Drive units

Every Rega Bass and Bass/Mid unit is hand assembled, in house, to our exact specifications. This gives us enormous flexibility in design and ensures Rega speakers produce a unique sound compared to OEM drivers purchased 'off the shelf '.

The RS3 loudspeaker uses Rega's classic RR125 midrange drive unit housed in a sealed section. This offers excellent control of driver resonances, resulting in a smooth midrange response. The RS3 also benefits from a side firing 5" driver, which utilises an 8 layer voice coil. This voice coil design allows us to eradicate any crossover components for this driver. The Bass seamlessly integrates with the mid range unit and with exceptional timing. This is without compromising any of the midrange and treble performance which Rega is renowned for.

High Frequency unit

The RS3 uses our new HF20-ZRR high frequency unit which is uniquely designed by Rega. By removing unwanted rear reflection the design of the ZRR tweeter helps maintain a distortion free response.

Sound and set-up

The drive units in the RS3 have been designed with great care. The crossover needs no additional filter networks to work with the drive units. Unlike most manufacturers who boast about the complexity of their crossovers, Rega are proud of simplicity. Rega believes that bi-wiring will offer no advantage to the crossover, however Bi-amping will. The RS3 also has a front firing port allowing them to be placed against a wall, without Bass lift, if required. The RS3 side firing system gives easy positioning of the loudspeakers in most rooms. However depending on the room environments, this system can offer improved sound stage/dynamics and also allows the RS range of speakers to cope well in difficult rooms.

Cabinet Design

With emphasis on sound quality, the real wood veneer compliments the overall construction of this high quality cabinet. It has sleek and subtle appearance presenting a modern stylish and affordable design. The loudspeaker uses a 'comb' filter in the lower section of the cabinet to smooth out and improve tonal balance of the low end Bass response. It also helps with bracing the cabinet.

Rega has worked hard on achieving a dynamic, stylish and most of all enjoyable loudspeaker. We think you will agree when you audition the RS3, it is one of the finest loudspeaker in the market

Height (without spikes).........797mm
Depth at plinth.........................246mm
Width at plinth.........................224mm

Nominal Impedance...............6ohms
Sensitivity..................(Approx) 89dB
Power Handling...100w per channel

Power handling figures are quoted as a guide. Amplification between 30w and 500w can be used safely depending on the quality of amplification.

Finishes available:

Natural Cherry

Black Ash