ZVOX Audio AV200 AccuVoice TV Speaker With Hearing Aid Technology


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ZVOX AccuVoice TV Speaker With Hearing Aid Technology.

Flat screen TVs don't have room inside for speakers that sound good. So TV sound quality is worse than ever – creating an epidemic of people who can't understand dialogue on TV shows, movies and sports broadcasts. But we have the solution – a tiny but powerful sound system with built-in hearing aid technology. The revolutionary ZVOX AccuVoice AV200 TV Speaker solves the dialogue clarity problem in an elegant way. Only 17" wide and about 2.5" high, the sleek, aluminum speaker fits anywhere. With only one connecting cord, it's easy to hook up. And it uses virtual surround to create realistic, room-filling sound. But the magic is in ZVOX's proprietary (patent-pending) AccuVoice technology. It mimics the function of a hearing aid by isolating voice frequencies and lifting them out of background sounds. Our advanced digital processor analyzes a soundtrack, and when it detects voices it instantly activates computer algorithms that bring voices forward. You hear crystal-clear dialogue, even at low volumes. It is almost magical.

The AccuVoice Speaker uses three very high quality full-range speakers in a computer-designed aluminum cabinet. Aluminum allows us to make the speaker very small but still acoustically correct – because the metal is strong and has very low resonance (that's why it's used in some very expensive "audiophile quality" speaker systems). The center speaker is crucial to the performance of the AccuVoice speaker, delivering super-clear voice reproduction. The center speaker anchors the sound's location so everyone in the room hears the same balanced, natural sound.

What critics and customers say about our AccuVoice technology:

"I have one word for the vocal reproduction: WOW." -Don Lindich, Sound Advice Syndicated Newpaper Column

"My father-in-law is hard of hearing and can't watch a movie unless our TV is turned up all the way. He sat in the furthest seat from the TV last night and smiled. He could hear conversations thanks to the AccuVoice." - ZVOX Customer

"I could hear a difference when Accuvoice was activated, but I wondered if it would be the same for Mom, who has a lot more difficulty hearing words correctly. The look on her face showed it worked. I could tell she was impressed, and she said she could hear a clear difference." -Mellisa Jones, Arkansas Democrat Gazzete

"Voice clarity really enhanced for these two baby boomers! We can FINALLY understand what the characters are saying again!" – ZVOX Customer

The perfect gift for mom and dad – or grandma and grandpa.

Want to earn brownie points with your folks or grandparents? Get an AccuVoice TV Speaker. No more battles over how loud the TV should be. Old and young alike will hear dialogue clearly, even at low volumes. It's the perfect gift for someone over 50. But the AccuVoice TV speaker is not just for hearing-challenged – everybody, no matter how old they are, loves this little speaker.

 Features and specifications.

  • Aluminum cabinet — 17" w x 2.9" h x 3.1" d
  • Dual inputs (toslink optical digital and 3.5mm analog/toslink) so you can connect it to your TV plus one other audio source.
  • AccuVoice dialog clarity feature uses hearing aid technology for clear voices.
  • PhaseCue® virtual surround delivers room-filling 3D sound from one cabinet.
  • Output leveling mode tames loud commercials.
  • Can work with virtually any infrared remote control.
  • Three full-range speakers will fill a room with realistic sound.
  • Includes multi-function remote control.
  • Hangers on back panel allow for wall mounting.

Three Reasons Why People Can't Understand Dialogue On TV.

1. Hollywood is mixing sound for drama, not clarity. We recently Googled the phase "hard to understand dialogue movies" and got 162 million hits. Hollywood is using more adventurous audio mixing techniques – often resulting in unclear dialogue. Ann Hornaday of the Washington Post recently described a blockbuster Hollywood movie as having "a muddy, thuddingly loud sound design, in which the score and similarly thumping sound effects render spoken dialogue a submerged garble." She's not the only one complaining. Dozens of web articles in the last two years complain about soundtracks with muddled, hard-to-understand dialogue. From Downton Abbey to The Walking Dead to football announcers, it's an epidemic.

2. Flat screen TV sound systems are awful.
TV manufacturers put very little effort or expense into TV speaker systems, typically using half-inch speakers aimed behind the TV. The dark secret of TV manufacturers is they can't care about sound quality. TV designers are in a market-share war, trying to outdo the competition with thinner, sleeker TVs…TVs that aren't big enough to house even a mediocre sound system. Sound from a modern flat screen TV is worse than what you heard from a 1952 Philco black and white TV.
The ultra-small, poorly-aimed speakers in flat screen TVs are often incapable of reproducing human speech clearly and accurately. And the really bad news is that TVs are getting even thinner. The new generation of OLED TVs introduced at the January 2016 Consumer Electronics Show have screens as thin as three millimeters!

3. Baby boomers listened to LOUD music when they were young. For the first time in the history of the United States, "seniors" represent the single largest population group. Aging baby boomers – many of whom grew up going to VERY loud Rolling Stones and Who concerts – have dramatically altered the demographic landscape. 95 million U.S. citizens are over 50*…and many of them have some degree of hearing loss. Combine these three factors and the result is a huge number of people finding it increasingly difficult to understand dialogue on TV.

So what's the solution? Conventional hearing aids don't solve the problem because they can't improve TV sound. They just let people hear bad TV sound more clearly. Home theater sound systems are much better than the speakers built into TVs. But they are often complicated and expensive. And simpler, more affordable sound bars rarely feature a center speaker – crucial for accurate dialogue reproduction. Plus many sound bars include boomy subwoofers which actually interfere with voice clarity. Unlike these other products, the AccuVoice TV Speaker is specifically designed to render crystal clear dialogue.

More Detail for the Detail-Minded

Great Sound.The most important feature for any sound system is high quality sound. The AccuVoice TV Speaker uses three high-performance speakers, an acoustically stable aluminum cabinet and a 30-watt Class D digital amplifier to create warm, natural, realistic sound.

Uses your Remote Control. The AccuVoice Speaker can be programmed to respond to your current remote control. The illuminated display walks you through the process in less than a minute. Then your TV remote or cable box remote or satellite receiver remote or any remote can control volume, mute, and power.

Taming Loud Commercials. If you've ever been blasted out of your chair by a too-loud commercial, or by a cable channel that's twice as loud as another channel, you'll love the Output Leveling (OL). Just push the 'OL' button and a sophisticated compression system takes over, making soft sounds louder and loud sounds softer, so there are fewer jarring moments when switching channels or when commercials come on.

Adapts To Multi-Zone Wifi Audio. The AccuVoice Speaker has two inputs so you can easily connect audio devices in addition to your TV. For example, connect a Chromecast® Audio device (optional, not included with system) and you can use the speaker as part of a multi-zone wifi audio system.

Slim Aluminum Cabinet. The AccuVoice Speaker features a stylish, slim cabinet constructed of anodized aluminum – not plastic. The metal design provides low-resonance audio characteristics, and allows the speaker to produce room-filling sound from a compact cabinet.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions: 17 "W x 3.1 "D x 2.9 "H
  • Weight: 3.1 pounds. With box and packing: 5 pounds.
  • Amplifier: The AV200 uses a high-efficiency 24 watt Class D digital amplifier.
  • Inputs: (1) 3.5mm analogtoslink combo input, (1) optical (Toslink) digital input
  • Outputs: (1) headphone/subwoofer output jack
  • Frequency range: 68 Hz - 20 kHz.
  • AccuVoice and Output Leveling Features
  • PhaseCue Virtual Surround Sound
  • Speakers: (3) 2" x 3" high-output full-range speakers with neodymium magnets
  • Extruded aluminum cabinet
  • Can be used on furniture or wall-mounted
  • The ZVOX AV200 is backed by a one year limited parts and labor warranty.

What's In The Box?

  • One optical digital (TOSLINK) cable
  • One stereo mini-to-mini (3.5mm) cable
  • One stereo mini-to-RCA cable
  • Multifunction ZVOX remote control with cable/satellite remote programming guide
  • Power cord
  • One-sheet safety instructions, operations manual, Quick Start guide, warranty card.