Legacy Audio Valor Active Speaker System with Wavelet DAC/Preamp/Crossover


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The Legacy Valor relies on graceful styling to conceal an extraordinary arsenal of new technology.  At nearly six feet in height and closing in on 300 pounds the Valor employs 2750 watts of internal power per side and a 56 bit processor to reproduce even the most dynamic performances with unprecedented detail.  


The advancements are the combined efforts of Legacy's Chief Engineer, Bill Dudleston and Bernt Böhmer, of Böhmer Audio, Sweden.  And while the sonic results may appear magical, they are the summation of Dudleston's 34 years of experience in the field of sound field reconstruction and Böhmer's highly touted mathematical algorithms.  Together they have developed the Wavelet processor which tackles the problems of room resonances and digital harshness while the new Stereo Unfold technology reveals hidden layers of information by unmasking important spatial and harmonic cues otherwise lost in playback. 

The Valor system as a whole is about acoustic steering and making sure that both lateral and vertical information on the recording appears appropriately in the time domain.  In a two stage process the Room Correction algorithm cleans up the early unwanted reflections from your room's floor, ceiling and walls, thereby allowing the Stereo Unfold algorithm to restore the vectors encoded in the L/R information.  The result is a clearer sound with more depth front to back and a more open and spacious soundstage. Localization is more precise as each performer seems to have their own dimensional space.  Timbre is richer as readily demonstrated by the sonorous reed and bell characteristics of the saxophone.  With pumping of the hi-hat pedal you can almost feel the flow of the air accelerating outward.  Brushes cleanly circle on the snare head and the floor tom has a resounding bounce. Harmonics of vocals and stringed instruments are so natural that  stereo playback pales in comparison.  Image placement is no less than remarkable.


Sequential sound field reconstruction system, auto-setup with calibrated microphone


Wavelet 2 input, 8 output, 56 bit DSP, Room Correction/Stereo Unfold algorithm

System Type:

8 Driver, 4 way system with specialized 3 driver ambient array


Dual 4” AMT bridge-mounted in post convergent array


1.5” coaxial, titanium/polyester diaphragm, precision waveguide


14” carbon/pulp curvilinear cone, neo motor, dipolar


Dual 14” carbon/pulp curvilinear cone, neo motor in super cardioid array


Dual 12” aluminum diaphragms, 480 oz. motors, cast frame, 3” dual 4 layer voice coils

Passive Radiator:

Dual 12” patented symmetrically loaded with 2” travel

Low Freq. Alignment:

Hybrid cardioid pattern, dual rear radiator, down-firing sub


1 pair binding posts for upper range, 2 XLR balanced for bass, sub, 1 XLR for STEREO UNFOLD

Internal Amplification:

Subs- 1kW, Bass- 750W, Mid-500W, Ambient Array-500W

Recommended Amp:

1 external channel of 60 watts or greater required for high frequencies

Freq. Response:



XLR 10k, binding posts 4 ohms


100.5 dB (2.83V@1m)


65, 800, 6k

Cabinet Size:

Cabinet 67” H x 16.25” W x 18” D, Base 1.5” H x 20.75” W x 20.75” D


288 lbs each