Thorens TEP 3800 Preamplifier


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  • Product Code: TEP 3800

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The TEP 3800 is an analogue valve pre-amplifier at the heart of which consists an unprecedented circuit design: the counter-parallel amplifier. As opposed to customary circuitries, this has been designed with a fully balanced layout and it is entirely DC-coupled. Another outstanding feature is the extremely low output impedance of the triode stage, which can do without any output transformers.

The bias of each strictly selected valve is elaborately supervised. The use of digital micro-processors within the circuitry however has consciously been omitted in order to ensure that no “digital garbage” can spoil the analogue signal. The fully balanced volume control renders music in all its sonic beauty and fidelity, at any position. The TEP 3800 is provided with balanced as well as unbalanced inputs and outputs and in addition is well equipped to work in combination with home cinema components as well. The TEP 3800 is the perfect partner for the powerful Thorens monoblock amplifiers TEM 3200.

Inputs 6 inputs, 2 of which are optionally XLR or Cinch (CD and AUX1)

Outputs 1 x XLR

1 x Cinch

1 x Tape-out (Cinch)

Frequency Response XLR-out, load = 600 Ω: 2.5 Hz - 600 kHz, +0/-3 dB

XLR-out, load = 10 kΩ: 0.7 Hz - 600 kHz, +0/-3 dB

Cinch-out, load = 10 kΩ: 0.7 Hz - 300 kHz, +0/-3 dB

Distortions typ. < 0.0002%, 5 V rms, 10 kΩ load

Gain XLR -> Cinch: 16 dB

XLR -> XLR: 16 dB

Cinch -> Cinch: 16 dB

Cinch -> XLR: 16 dB

Output Impedance XLR: < 1 Ω

Cinch: < 60 Ω

Signal-to-Noise-Ratio XLR-out: > 98 dB, based on 1 V output level (A – DIN certified)

Cinch-out: > 96 dB, based on 1 V output level (A – DIN certified)

Zoom function -14dB Control function: almost double logarithmic.

Level lowering when adjusting the volume control with total amplification = x1: -14 dB;

level lowering when volume control at maximum: 0 dB

Power Consumption 100 W

No standby function

Remote Control Volume, Input, Mute, Dimmer

Dimensions 450 x 150 x 360 mm (W x H x D)

Weight 12.0 kg

Finish chrome / black ash, red ash or maple (solid wood)

Scope of Delivery remote control with batteries, power cord, operating instructions