SPL PSD 4000 Personal Sound Designer – the HiFi Vitalizer


  • Brand: SPL
  • Product Code: PSD 4000

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The Personal Sound Designer:

The PSD applies psychoacoustic and audiometric principles to achieve a verifiable improvement while enhancing the sound. It processes only the original signal and generates no artifacts. Patented filtering techniques highlight the richness of the audio signal in all its detail, while the interactive parameters make it possible to alter the sound in a musical and effective way. This unique combination of precise filtering and intuitive usability enable you to instantly make any music production more stimulating and natural. Music and speech are made clearly distinguishable and comprehensible, loudness more intense, and the whole soundscape becomes wider.

The frequency spectrum is usually divided into three frequency bands: highs, mids and lows, all of which are provided in the Vitalizer, even though, as opposed to conventional usage, low and mid filter settings are interrelated. The high frequency control allows processing of high frequencies and harmonics. You can adjust each of the three frequency bands separately and control the intensity of the process independently.


The low and mid filters share the same intensity control. The fact that you can set the filters and the intensity independently allows for many sound possibilities with only two controls: when processing low signals you can choose between a deep, soft or dry sound. In conjunction with the intensity control, strong amplification of low frequencies with a low intensity setting results in a totally different sound than if you were to have low amplification with high intensity. The connection to the mid filter is always given by the intensity control. This means that you can optimize low and mid frequencies jointly for the sake of psychoacoustic and audiometric relevance. For example, the mid frequency band, to which the human hearing is specially sensitive, can be automatically damped when you choose a SOFT setting.


Inputs & Outputs

Nominal input level: +6dB
Input impedance: 22kOhm
Output impedance: < 600 Ohm
Max. input level: +20dBu
Max. output level: +20 dBu
Min. connected load: 600 Ohm
Hard bypass relay (power fail safety)

Frequency range: 20Hz-100kHz (-3 dB)
Processing range: 20Hz-22kHz
CMR: >- 86dBu@1kHz
THD & N: 0,01855%@1kHz
S/N CCIR 468-3: -85dBu
S/N A-weighted: -99 dBu

Power Supply
Toroidal Transformer 15VA
Fuse 315mA
Ground-Lift Switch, Voltage Selector 115V/230V

Standard housing EIA 19"/2U, 440 x 75 x 235 mm
Weight 3,4 kg

0dBu = 0.775V. Subject to change without notice.