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Microfiber Applicators – Package of 10

We designed these custom hand-made applicators to dust, clean and preserve vinyl records (LPs). But they also work on shellac records (78 rpm) and polycarbonate records (45 rpm) and clean effectively with vacuum record cleaning machines.

Cleaning an LP with the applicator

When used dry, they pick up dust and dirt particles. They hold record cleaning solution as well as our Record Preservative. Our kits come with multiple applicators. They are easy to clean when they get dirty, but it’s handy to have spare applicators on hand.

White Swiss velvet is the active edge on our cleaning applicators. The white color allows you to easily see the level of dirt being pulled off the record.

When cleaning on a turntable, be sure to use a light touch. If you press too hard, it can place high loads on a turntable bearing. The record will be fine but your turntable may suffer.

A handy tip: when using a dry applicator to dust a record, there is a chance in dry weather that a static charge will build up on the surface. We recommend you put 1 drop of water on the applicator first to avoid this.

Note: Our applicators work with other brands of record cleaning fluids just as well.