SST Spread Spectrum Technologies Son of Ampzilla II Stereo Amplifier


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SST proudly introduces the all-new Son of Ampzilla II stereo amplifier. This redesigned Son is the third generation in concept and design and features many new ideas and improvements over previous generations. However, we made sure to respect and retain the traditional circuit topology that gives the Son its revered sonic signature. The end result is a masterful fusion of classic and cutting-edge.

The new Son boasts an exceedingly low noise floor and the same power supply capacity as in our flagship Ampzilla 2000 Second Edition amp. Another noteworthy feature is a unique grounding procedure that insures absolutely no ground loops. The measured power output of the new Son of Ampzilla II is a potent 220 watts/channel into 8Ω (double the original Son of Ampzilla). And the listening pleasure? Immeasurable.

“The [Son of] Ampzilla brings a burning sense of immediacy to the table—one that I don’t recall hearing from any other amplifier. When the CD ended, I realized I was breathless. It had been like I was at a concert. I wasn’t paying attention to anything except the music, but I did notice the [Son of] Ampzilla’s extremely deep soundstage and imaging to die for. The soundstage extended from around each side and from top to bottom. It was incredible.
— Ed Morawski, Positive Feedback Online

  • Completely balanced input-to-output with full four-quadrant differential push-pull feedback from both sides of the speaker
  • Double the number of power transistors per channel as the original Son of Ampzilla
  • Completely servo-controlled
  • Combination input jack allows for on-the-fly switching between an unbalanced or balanced input
  • 2000 VA power supply capacity with totally independent windings and power supplies for each channel
  • 100,000 µfd of power supply capacitance in twin supplies isolated for each channel
  • Front end voltage amplifier power supplies are completely regulated
  • Thick steel chassis construction, powder coat finish. Anodized aluminum front panel
  • Gold plated input and output connectors
  • Turn-on surge relay 

  • Power Output (per channel)
    • 16Ω:  Minimum 120 watts 20Hz–20kHz
    • 8Ω:  Minimum 220 watts 20Hz–20kHz
    • 4Ω:  Minimum 350 watts 20Hz–20kHz
  • Frequency Response
    • 20Hz–20kHz  ± 0.1 dB
  • THD (Awt)
    • < 0.03% 20Hz–20kHz @ 8Ω Full power
  • Noise (Awt)
    • 45µV
  • Input Impedance
    • 130kΩ balanced
    • 65kΩ unbalanced
  • Gain
    • 27.5dB, 1.76v RMS for 220 watts 8Ω (either input)
  • Sensitivity
    • 1.76 V
  • Weight
    • 40 lbs.
  • Dimensions
    • 9⅞" L x 17¼" W x 5⅝" H