Sbooster BOTW P&P ECO 15V - 16V Linear Power Supply Upgrade


  • Brand: Sbooster
  • Product Code: BOTW P&P ECO 15V - 16V

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The 15V - 16V BOTW P&P ECO is the upgrade solution for all your audio devices, that run on 15 or 16 Volt. 

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The “Best of Two Worlds Power & Precision ECO” audio upgrade (BOTW P&P ECO) is the successor of our “Best of Two Worlds Solutions” audio upgrade (BOTWS). This new upgrade product combines power, precision and efficiency in an unique innovative manner. The BOTW P&P ECO is the best choice for every audiophile.

With the BOTW P&P ECO audio upgrade the purification of the current starts immediately there where the polluted current enters the upgrade. A dual stage mains filter and an earth line choke clean the current from high frequency pollution before the current reaches the transformer. The transformer is a custom-made audio grade transformer with electrostatic shielding. 

The electronic design is innovative: it gets 50% more output out of the used electronics and consumes even up to 35% less energy than a conventional design. The BOTW P&P ECO audio upgrade concept is so efficient that it consumes only a few Euros a year more than the standard supplied high efficient, but also highly polluting switch mode adapter.

Finally, at the end of the DC cable the unique split current system has been placed. The electronic design and components used in this SBooster-version differ from the design of the SBooster Single Unit. The power supply of the BOTW P&P ECO audio upgrade provides the split current system with powerful and clean power, so the electronics can do their job profoundly, which is to buffer the power so that the power supply becomes very fast and to filter one last time the voltage and current before they enter the audio device.

This unique upgrade power supply with its large headroom delivers at all times sufficient clean power to the audio device to ensure a stable and continuous performance of the internal processes of the audio device in order to get the best performance out of the audio device.

This combination of power and precision results in “easy” music, a perfect soundstage and a natural detailed sound.

Product highlights:

  • 50% more output current;
  • Power saving design; 
  • 2 characteristics in 1 product:
    • Power for high current demanding equipment;
    • Precision for noise sensitive equipment;
  • 2 selectable output voltages;
  • 1 accessory setting;
  • Safety approvals;
  • IEC 14 power inlet for High-end mains cables;
  • High performance dual stage mains filter;
  • Earth line choke;
  • Overvoltage protection;
  • Custom made high efficient audio grade transformer;
  • High quality polypropylene film capacitors;
  • Improved no-noise SBooster split current system.


The BOTW P&P ECO is available in 11 output voltages. By clever design we have combined these 11 output voltages into 6 models. Every model – except for the 24V model - has two output settings and one accessory setting. The SBooster Ultra is available in 7 output voltages. 

Also every BOTW P&P ECO is equipped with a self-locking interchangeable DC-tip system.

This combination of the multi voltage settings and self-locking interchangeable DC-tip system makes the BOTW P&P ECO the most versatile audio upgrade power supply ever.

Mains voltage:
 The BOTW P&P ECO can (internally) be set to 7 different mains voltages. The mains voltages are 100/110/115/120/220/230/240V AC. A sticker with the mains voltage setting can be found on the back of the PSU, see Fig 1. For a maximum performance of the BOTW P&P ECO it is important that the mains voltage setting is correctly. This means that a BOTW P&P ECO, which is set to 230V AC, cannot be used (directly) on a mains voltage of 220V AC or 240V AC. If the mains voltage of the BOTW P&P ECO does not match your local mains voltage, please contact us. We will inform you about the procedure how you can safely set the mains voltage of your BOTW P&P ECO PSU to the correct value. 

Compatibility list BOTW P&P ECO 15V - 16V - November 2016

Alpha Design LabsFurutech Esprit DAC15VSbooster Ultra 15V
Alpha Design LabsGT40α USB DAC 15VSbooster Ultra 15V
Alpha Design LabsStratos DAC15VSbooster Ultra 15V
AuralicAries LE/Femto/Mini15V/16VSbooster Ultra 15V
BeresfordTC-7520SEG/ Caiman+15VSbooster Ultra 15V
BeresfordTC-7534 Caiman Mark II15VSbooster Ultra 15V
BeresfordCAIMAN SEG TC-7535 15VSbooster Ultra 15V
DenonDA-300USB15VSbooster Ultra 15V
Exogal Comet DAC15V-
iFi Audiomicro – iPhono215VSbooster Ultra 15V
iFi Audiomicro - iCAN SE15VSbooster Ultra 15V
Linnenberg-audioVIVACE15VSbooster Ultra 15V
M2TECHJoplin / Joplin-MK215VSbooster Ultra 15V
M2TECHYoung / Young DSD15VSbooster Ultra 15V
Martin Logan ElectroMotion ESL/ ESL X15V-
Martin Logan Theos15V-
NuforceIcon HD/ Icon HDP15V-
RME - Audio SolutionsADI-2/ ADI-4 DD15V-
RME - Audio SolutionsFireface UC/ Fireface UCX15V-
RME - Audio SolutionsQuadMic II15VSbooster Ultra 15V
RME - Audio SolutionsMultiface II15V-
Topping    D20 DAC / D3 DAC15V-
Topping    D3 DAC15V-