Tannoy AMS 5ICT Black All-Weather Loudspeaker Black (EACH)


  • Brand: Tannoy
  • Product Code: AMS 5ICT Black (EACH)

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The Tannoy AMS 5ICT is a wide bandwidth, high power-handling and high sensitivity surface mount loudspeaker designed with an aesthetic that is perfect for the architectural considerations of building design, the elegantly styled moulded enclosures blend beautifully into any décor with custom colour being availiable on special order. Additionally the new AMS models have undergone the most punishing environmental testing of any product in Tannoy’s history – achieving an IP65 rating, which is among the highest in the industry for outdoor use.

Incorporating a newly refined version of Tannoy’s proprietary ICT™ point-source driver, the AMS 5ICT has been re-engineered for optimum compatibility with Lab.gruppen commercial amplifiers while also delivering consistent broadband directivity, precise articulation for voice and music, and exceptional long-term reliability.

The point source configuration of the Tannoy ICT driver’s mid-bass and tweeter sections ensures a wide and controlled dispersion for optimum coverage, avoiding the significant energy losses in the vertical plane at the crossover frequency that are inherent in typical two-way designs. The ICT (Inductive Coupling Technology) drive unit also addresses two common component failures in background music systems: the tweeter and the crossover. Use of wireless electromagnetic coupling to drive the tweeter means that no crossover is required, making the ICT drive unit exceptionally reliable and ideal for applications where constant heavy usage is the norm. The mineral-loaded polypropylene cone material and nitrile rubber surround further enhance durability and long-term reliability.

The AMS range utilises a 16 ohm driver, making it ideal for use in high performance low-impedance systems (with optimized performance when used in conjunction with Lab.gruppen LUCIA amplifiers). Alternatively, for constant voltage systems, Tannoy have specified as standard, high quality low insertion loss 30 W transformers featuring switching for taps at 30 W, 15 W and 7.5 W, with an additional 3.75 W tap for traditional systems.


Our ICT drivers utilise a wireless electromagnetic tweeter that does not require  crossover and cannot be burned out from heavy use.


  • 130 mm (5.00”) ICT transducer for high performance and durability
  • 90 degree controlled conical dispersion for optimum coverage and forward gain
  • Weather resistant rated IP65 to EN60529 (IEC529)
  • High power handling and extended bandwidth
  • Phase coherent design for superior vocal articulation and music reproduction
  • No crossover required, ensuring better phase, impedance and sensitivity response and increased durability
  • 16-ohm drivers optimized for use with Lab.gruppen LUCIA amplifiers
  • Yoke bracket included; optional any-angle accessory bracket available
  • Thickened 4 mm high-temperature molded cabinet



Frequency Response (-3 dB) (1)

90 Hz - 22 kHz

Frequency Range (-10 dB) (1)

80 Hz - 30 kHz

System Sensitivity (1 W @ 1 m) (2)

88 dB (1 W = 4 V for 16 Ohms)

Nominal Coverage Angle

90 degrees conical

Power Handling

Average: 50 W
Programme: 100 W
Peak: 200 W

Recommended Amplifier Power

100 W @ 16 Ohms

Nominal Impedance (Lo, Z)

16 Ohms

Rated Maximum SPL

Average: 105 dB
Peak: 111 dB

Transformer Taps (via front rotary switch)

70 V: 30 W / 15 W / 7.5 W / 3.75 W / OFF & low impedance operation
100 V: 30 W / 15 W / 7.5 W / OFF & low impedance operation



Low Frequency

1 x 130 mm (5.00") treated multi fibre pulp cone

High Frequency







Steel, plated and painted


Removable locking connector with screw terminals

Transformer setting

Rotary switch

Dimensions (H x W x D)

248.0 x 155.0 x 203.9 mm (9.77 x 6.10 x 8.03")

Net Weight (ea)

3.25 kg (7.16 lbs)

Shipping Weight

3.66 kg (8.07 lbs)